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Common model properties

Every model can define following top level properties:

Property Type Summary
name string The name of the job. See Naming rules.
displayName string Optional. Display name of the job(*). Defaults to name. See Naming rules.
parameters ParameterModel[] Optional. Parameters
variables JsonObject Optional. Variables

*) The displayName is not yet implemented -- but is planned.

  "parameters": [
      "type": "string",
      "name": "foo",
      "displayName": "Foo value",
      "default": ""
  "name": "My_job",
  "displayName": "My Job",
  "variables": {
    "bar": "Hello world"
  "steps": [
      "name": "Print",
      "command": "echo",
      "args": [
interface PipelineModel {
    readonly name         : string;
    readonly displayName ?: string;
    readonly parameters  ?: ParameterModel[]   | undefined;
    readonly variables   ?: ReadonlyJsonObject | undefined;
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