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The step model

Steps are directions for the agent to do a specific action.

  "name": "Print_date",
  "command": "date"
Property Type Summary
name string The name of the step
parameters ParameterModel[] Optional pipeline parameters
variables JsonObject Optional pipeline variables
* * Other properties specific to the step's type
interface Job {
    readonly name        : string;
    readonly steps       : readonly Step[];
    readonly parameters ?: ParameterModel[]   | undefined;
    readonly variables  ?: ReadonlyJsonObject | undefined;

We have the following step types:

  • Command defines a command to execute
  • Git defines a git operation
  • File defines a file operation
  • JSON defines an operation with JSON format
  • CSV defines an operation with CSV format
  • Assert defines an assertion
  • Concat defines a concat operation
  • Variable defines an variable assign operation
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